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Coast is home

A seascape

Trying to paint the sea again. This is the view of our nearest beach, next to a catamaran club. A quick study on paper, using a photograph I took recently.

Reddingbootpad, acrylic, paper, approximately 24 x 15 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

My new painting, almost finished.

Appeltaart, perhaps?

Another still life

Never painted apples before. The first ripe ones from our little garden gave me this opportunity to try a new setting with a white sugar pot and some cinnamon sticks and star anice. Well, almost all you need for a nice Dutch appeltaart!

Firts apples, acrylic, canvasboard, 30 x 24 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

The setting for a new still life. First appels, my new painting.

Yet another interior

"Evening sun in our house"

Planned to paint this for a long time. The light fall in our sitting room produces rather lovely effects I wanted to catch... Glad to practice and to learn more about perspective as well.

'Amelander interieur', acrylic, canvas, 24 x 30 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

My new painting, 'Amelander interieur'.

Trying a landscape


Inspired by the Jacob Collins' painting, I am now daring to try an 'abstract' landscape. A very quick study, using paper and learning the alla prima technique.

'Sunset Study', acrylic, paper, 24 x 15 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

My new study, 'Sunset Study'.

Back to the kitchen

"Aan tafel!"

Another try to combine still life and interior in one painting. I love the light falling into our kitchen through the small windows. Just like last year, I used the place to make a new setting. I think I have caught the shadows on china rather nicely. Table clothes and cutlery is what I'd like to practice more in future.

'Aan tafel!', acrylic, canvas board, 30 x 24 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

My new painting, 'Aan tafel!'.

Struggling with roof tiles

New experience

Making a study of a view from my attic window. Never tried this before. Maybe later I will make a larger version of it. Finding right colours and structure for painting the roof tiles is a challenge indeed.

Roofs of Hollum, acrylic, paperboard, approximately 20 x 9 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

My new painting, Roofs of Hollum.

Going on

Another miniature

This turned out to be fun. Tried landscape again. This time it is the view of the village where I live. The photograph I took a while ago, has been of much help.

Hollum, acrylic, paperboard, approximately 5 x 12 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

My new painting, Hollum.

in progress

Going smaller

A first miniature

Inspired by tropical weather last weekend, I have tried now to paint a sea landscape. Something I wouldn't normally want to paint. Well, here it is. Remembering our Normandy holidays, let's call it A Channel Beach.

A Channel Beach, acrylic, paperboard, approximately 12 x 5 cm. See the final version in My gallery.

My new painting, A Channel Beach.

almost there...

Another still life

Cheesy light

Browsing the web lately I got inspired by some beautiful photographs I ran into on a tumblr of a Scotsman with great taste. I loved the composition of a photograph with cheese and wine setting. So I decided to make my own version of it.

Here is the result. Let's call it Sunday Lunch.

Sunday Lunch, acrylic, canvas, 25 x 30 cm. See a larger image in My gallery.

My new painting, Sunday Lunch.

almost finished...

New painting season

A new still life

Dark winter days seem to be over, and it feels like I want to paint again. This time I would like to catch the visual effect of some liquid in a crystal glas in bright light.

Glass of whiskey, 24 x 30 cm. See a larger image in My gallery.

My new painting, Glas of Whiskey.

almost finished...

Certified in Digital Marketing

Another Google Certificate

Just completed The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing certification exam after a 40-hour course at Google.

Useful knowledge to put into practice with my web design projects.

Google certificate on Digital Marketing


The very first expo turned to be a success.

The Ameland Month of Art made me proud. Unexpectedly, four of five paintings are sold, including the self made frames. Astonished. Grateful to Mireille for encouraging to start painting, to @Maria for inspiration, to @Femmie and other friends for support and especially to Paul for always being there for me!

Visit my gallery to see these and other paintings of mine.

Valta's paintings at the expo of Amelander Amateur Kunstenaars


One month to go till my first exposition.

Ameland Month of Art is coming. I am accepted to participate this year with some of my paintings. Proud and quite excited. More to come.

Flyer of Amelander Amateur Kunstenaars


Just got another Google certificate!

My interest in analytics has been rewarded. After folowing two courses at Google Analytics Academy, I am now in posession of Advanced Google Analytics Certificate. Proud and full of expectations to use the knowledge and to go further.

My new Google certificate

New website for a wedding car

Another website's gone live!

The HTML code of the old version of this website was obsolete. So it was time to get it into the latest version of Bootstrap. Compact, fast, easy to navigate and reliable now. Check the

A new website design

Brahms Bed and Breakfast

Another website's gone live!

Great to work on a new website for a very nice and cosy bed and breakfast in a very hart of historic Utrecht. Got to listen to the music of its great lodger, too! :-)

It is live from now on.

A new website design

Field flowers

Let's paint still life again!

Got inspired by my very creative niece Maria who took a beautiful photograph.

Masha's summer, 24 x 30 cm. See a larger image in My gallery.

A new painting, Masha's summer.

almost finished...

A figure in the light

A new study; new experience.

It's the first time I am triying to paint a human figure on canvas. Once I took a photograph of while visiting a small castle near Utrecht. I found it a great setting, worthy for trying.

In the room of Belle van Zuylen, 24 x 30 cm. See a larger image in My gallery.

A new painting, In the room of Belle van Zuylen

the photograph and the painting

A new still life

After a long break, trying to paint again.

I took a photograph of these nasturtiums last October. I loved the play of light on and around the setting. I thought then, it would be nice to paint it once. Well, it was quite a challenge, especially the struggle with the flowers again, but now here it is.

My October Symphony, acrylic on canvas, 30 x 24 cm. See it in My gallery.

A new still life of October nasturtiums

the actual photograph and the painting

The site of Villa Louisa is live

Proud to work on the website for a magnificent holiday villa laying on the bank of Lake Como in North Italy.

The website of is live from now on. It's a light bootstrap based one-pager with some Google Docs (sheets and forms) embedded so that the site owner is able to edit and control the vital information at any time or place.

New website of

the new website of Villa Louisa in Nesso, Italy

Chester's got a new page

My best friend and an apple hero Chester could not just wait forever for his old page to be renewed.

So I've made a new page for him. A totally up-to-date one. Feel free to visit: Chester's Page

New design of Chester's page

the new design of Chester's Page

A new design

Happy to present a totally new design of my website. I used the Bootstrap framework, the (new to me) text editor Atom and the stuff I have lately learned by Google and Udacity.

My previous design was dated from 2007; its html code was obsolete and it was not responsive. Though I still love it, it was my first creature.

New and old design of

new vs old design of

The 20th edition of Art Month Ameland

November is the month of arts on our island, we celebrate then the Kunstmaand Ameland. This year more than 100 artists from the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Iceland show their works at more than 40 locations across the whole island.

People of Ameland are very talented. The artists living on the island exhibit their works at the exposition of Amelander Amateurkunstenaars. Will I join them next year?

flyer of the Amelander Amateurkunstenaars

expo flyer of Amelander Amateurkunstenaars


Proud again.
I have been accepted into the Google Developer Challenge Scholarship.
The coming three months I am going to learn a lot on HTML, CSS and JavaScript at Udacity. Exciting and challenging.

"Dear Val,
We received applications from many talented and motivated candidates, and yours truly stood out..."

the Udacity and Google Scholarship Team
Udacity Scholarship Badge

Wet fun

It's been raining cats dogs and dogs lately. But our Chester is having fun, thinking he is an air boat. :-)

watch more Chester's videos on YouTube


Proud. Just received my Google certificate in Online Marketing.
It's been interesting to learn at the Google Digital Garage. Lots of useful information I can use from now on building websites or advising on digital marketing strategy.

Google certificate

Setting up a still life composition

Setting up a composition for still life has turned to be fun. Trying to find the best lighting I have made almost a hundred of photographs. Finally, I chose the one to make my newest painting - Orange still life.

Setting the Orange still life

the photograph and the painting